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dianna kevin lea


The Girl With The Smile

and it's all for him.

iphone 3gS
dianna kevin lea
i've tried three times to buy the new iphone without success.. is the universe telling me that i should hold off on buying it??

friday i reserved mine and i was going to go on my lunch break to pick it up.. i had to work through lunch and couldn't even go after work because i had to head to my second job. [ strike one ]

i went out of town on saturday to my husband's family's reunion/grad party for his cousin. we didn't get back until 11pm..

this morning i went to at&t and they didn't have them in stock. but i can order it and have it delivered to the house.. [ strike two ]

since it was still just 11 am this morning i went to the apple store.. going through the whole process of practically getting my credit card out, except that it all came to a screeching halt when i needed the primary name on the account to sign for it.. i don't understand why, since it's family plan and i've been paying for my own since 2003.. [ strike three ] oh well.. and i'm not really even pissed that i didn't get the phone i'm pissed at apple for having the stupid rule that you have to have the primary person there with you to purchase the phone. it makes absolutely NO SENSE to me..

i don't know why i posted this here instead of on blogger.. and i have no idea who of my old friends still hangs out on LJ but drop a line if you happen to read this, since it's been a good 4 years since my last post! jeez!

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dianna kevin lea
[Mood: unsure]

so after an episode like that last night, i thought i'd update.. holy cow!

first of all, glad the girls are finally back together.. it's about damn time! it took them wayyy too long to reconcile.

chris can go away witl his tens of millions of dollars. or if he MUST stay.. take care of rory.. lorelai doesn't need your damn help! she's got luke.. what else is there? stop trying to cause trouble you sea slug! phew!

there should be a LJ cut here.. but i can't figure the damn thing out right now.. so.. stop reading if you haven't seen the episode.. there.. you've been warned..

i'm still torn about what this kid is going to do for LL.. i mean, at the end of the episode, it wasn't like he was reluctant to tell her, although i'm sure he was, but he didn't get a chance to. what with lorelai, blowing in and rushing to get food and then rushing back out.. it left luke with his head spinning, like it wasn't already with this april nonsense.

and it wasn't like i was completely sf.. i was told by a friend of mine about a month ago.. and i shouldn't have let her tell me.. but it's a good thing she did, then i had a chance to get warm to the idea.. and it still leaves an icky taste in my mouth.. i just hope that lorelai realizes that luke had no control over it. but luke being a stand up guy, i'm hoping he doesn't get all freakin' insecure like he did tonight and bolt with the kid.. i'd probably jump off a cliff.. considering how the freakin' cliffhanger of last season's finale left me needing to get drunk.. this kid thing will probably be worse. there probably isn't enough alcohol in california to help me get over whatever asp will throw at us for the finale of this season.. man oh man.. i need to go lie back down.

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dianna kevin lea

[mood:  nostalgic and contemplative  ]

looking through my photobucket today.. and i saw some pictures of casey in then that i took at the beginning of september.. and they just reminded me of how special and meaningful something can be to you..

as an avid ghostbuster fan and he's proud to admit it.. as am i.. closet-ed anyway.. heh.. casey ordered slime from someone on the internet.. three cans of slime, two of which were in perfect condition and unopened.. which excited casey to no end.. i'd never seen him in such a state of understated adorableness.. just the way that his eyes were gleaming with excitement and child like innocence.. it's amazing that as slow as it may seem.. we have grown up so so fast.. and i don't even know why i'm typing out an entry for this.. but i just needed to type it out somewhere.. and i'm feeling bad for littering lindsey's inbox with incoherent seemingly drug induced emails.. the equal that i put in my iced tea was all the uppers i had okay?!?! hahah.. so anyways.. just wanted to share my thoughts on growing up so quickly and not even realizing it until you take a step back and look at where you are in life.. it'll blow your mind...

casey baby.. look at how cute this boy is..

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dianna kevin lea

[Mood:  Sleepy and Tired  ]

Lindsey isn't a skank anymore.. but i have been awake for 5 hours already.. and right now it's only 10 am.. who does that?!?!  i'm about to crash in a second.. so tired..

i'm pissed off still about a softball game i had on wednesday and it sucked.. we gave them 5 runs through out the game, and ended losing the game by one run.. and i played shitty..

but after the game.. there was a bunch of samoan guys watching the game because their game was before ours.. and after our game.. casey and i were changing into our regular shoes.. and one of the guys comes up and introduces himself and says i played good and asked if i'd played before.. and i said yeah.. and then casey chimes in with.. "NCAA division 2, all american 3rd baseman for a university in texas" and i blush and the guy has this look on his face like.. "No shit?!" and i was like.. i played for abilene christian university, in texas.. and he was like.. "alright.. well... you did a good tonight.."  he was kind of drunk.. flattering though.. and that's all...

Happy lindsey?!

dianna kevin lea

[Mood:  Good ]

Just want to say Happy Birthday to Lindsey!!! because i love her!! and she's in california at the moment!! and she visited the WB LOT!! that skank!!!


i love ya girl! hope you had a good day! i miss ya!!!

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dianna kevin lea

[Mood:|  Pessimistic]

Tomorrow I leave, at 5 in the morning for a road trip with my family to Seattle, Washington.  The last time I did a road trip with my family was when they were driving me to Texas for college.  And that was when I'd made a promise to myself NEVER TO DO IT AGAIN!!!  I can't sit in the same car with my dad more than 5 minutes at a time without arguing with him.  I don't know why I have to do it again.  I'd just as soon stay home and have the house to myself, than go on this trip that will just cause a larger rift in between us.  We don't get along.  Plain and simple.  We're too alike to get along.  Too strong willed and hard headed... my mom should make sure that there is a child lock on my door also... so I don't go flinging myself out of the car at 80 mph on the freeway.. just to rid myself of his incessant nagging.  AND.. he's like a child.  If you happen to disagree with something he's said, or maybe even just express a differing view.. well then.. he'll just close off.. shut you out and ignore you.  and this is coming from a man that is almost 60 years old.  CHILD!  an over grown CHILD!

Thank the lord that my mom will be there.. she'll be the one to drag me down from the edge of the very tempting ledge i know i'll be tiptoeing on and doing pirouettes on.  My sister will be meeting us up in Seattle, because she'll just be coming back from vacation with her boyfriend in Hawaii.. lucky bitch!  i wanna go back to hawaii.. it's been like 4 years since i've been there. 

Tonight, i'm going to a party for my friend.  I haven't seen her in a few years, since long before i left for college.  Her birthday was last sunday and she's throwing herself a little shindig tonight.  Probably lots of drugs and alcohol.  Luckily i'll have casey and we don't drink that much or party that much, so i don't think we'll stay too long.. but maybe make an appearance.. let her know we came.. hang out for a while.. so we can see some high school friends, and then vamoose.. BECAUSE VAL STILL HAS NOT PACKED YET!!! 

T-minus 9 hours until departure.  and all i have packed is a pair of jeans.  that's it.  pretty freakin' sad if you ask me.  i sat in my room all day watching soap network because i wanted to catch up on what happened this week on general hospital and see if they showed nikolas and emily at all.. and just as i suspected it.. they only showed them towards the end of the week.. so i watched 5 hours of general hospital while washing and folding clothes, only to see them for a total of like 20 minutes.. if that..

General Hospital.. CHA!  it's all about Sonny, Carly (who btw.. i can't stand.. especially this new girl they've casted.. BLEAH) and Alcazar, who i don't mind very much, but since he's got all kinds of scenes with Carly.. is hated by extension.. too bad.. because he's pretty damn easy on the eyes.. i'm a sucker for a guy with nice eyes and brown hair.. anyways.. yeah..

Pray for me, and hope that i come back in one piece and still the sane shimmery ray of sunshine you guys know and love.. i hope i don't have to fling myself out of the side of the truck.. i'd miss casey too much.. couldn't very well leave him behind.. besides.. we've got all those plans ahead of us.. love you babe. 

Lindsey.. have fun with Cat.. you two girls don't get into too much trouble!

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dianna kevin lea

[Mood:|  nostalgic (of days passed)]

i'm weird i know.. i can't help but be sad.. i love casey..

From this...

To this... ,

and he trimmed his facial hair.. can't wait to see him.. his hair is so short!!!

ever notice that almost all of my posts are about him?? ahahahahahha

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dianna kevin lea

[Mood:|  calm]

I was tagged by Mellie like 5 days ago.. so..

List your Six Current Favorite Songs:

1. The Prayer - Charlotte Church and Josh Groban (this is going to be my wedding song)
2. Mona Lisa - Grant Lee Buffalo
3. You and Me - Lifehouse
4. Addicted - Kelly Clarkson
5. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

Everyone I'd want to tag has already done the thingy, or almost NEVER updates.. so I'll pass..

so.. on to the fun stuff... so, since i've been back in california, it has been wonderful, and someone that has made it that was is casey.  and this is going to sound very very strange,  but i am inordinately obsessed with casey's hair.  tomorrow he's getting a hair cut, and i'm feeling pretty sad about it.  now i know, it's not going to change him, because he'll still be the same guy that i fell in love with and everything.. but his hair... in the five years we've been together.. he's never grown his hair out for about 7 months.. usually it's just 1 month.. 2 at the most and then he'll get it buzzed again.. i'll post a picture of how he looks after the hair cut.. but right now.. his hair looks like this.. , (hopefully, it linked it.. click on the pic)and i love it!! he's got the great wave to it.. and it's got the wings.. and plus with his facial hair, it makes him irresistible to me.. hee..  sorry for the casey rant again.. i love him so much..

anyway.. i need to find a job.. and i can't do that, because i don't have a car.. i had my car shipped to california from texas, and when i get it.. FINALLY might i add, the freakin' car has a water pump problem or something.. i should have just left him in texas, and gotten a new car here.. a jetta.. i love jettas.. they're so cute.. i have an affinity towards volkswagons.. oh well.. nothing important.. because i'm pretty boring..

casey i'll miss your hair.. you said you'd grow it out again in a few years.. i'm totally holding you to that.. maybe sometime around our wedding?? ; )

and lindsey.. my friend.. i hope you feel better soon.. it's no fun being sick.. the first step to recovery is acceptance.. : )


fab friend
dianna kevin lea

[mood:  loved ]

it's insane how the internet can connect two people like it has with me and lindsey.. we've only been talking for like 4 months.. and the only reason we became friends is because of gilmore girls.  had it not been for that.. we'd still be strangers.. she sent me a birthday present in the mail.. i won't tell you what's inside.. it'll ruin our insiders.. but.. damn it.. i love this girl!! by the way lindsey, [[and i know casey reads this..]] thanks for showing up casey on the birthday present.. hahahahaha.. i only get one card from casey.. lindsey gave me 12!!!  ( : P )

so... i don't know.. i just wanted to drop an LJ and let lindsey know how much she means to me, and to thank her soo much for the present.. because it's great and means so much to me.. i'm definitely working on my story.. and that's all.. i love ya girl.. we've never met before.. and i feel as connected with you as i do with casey and jd.. it's amazing.. i love ya girl..


Gigantes Vs. Dodgers!!
dianna kevin lea
[mood: | mellow right now.. soon to be.. excited ]

whoo hoo for casey's grandma getting 4 tickets to the giants game tonight... yay for me, cause casey asked me to go.  believe it or not.. and i love giving him shit for this.. in the ALMOST 5 years we've been together.. he has NEVER once taken me to a major league baseball game.. sure we've gone to game together.. much like this occasion.. where the tickets are given to him.. but he's never planned a date around us going to a game... but he has brought me to the piers which i always love.. it'll always have a special place in my heart, because that's where he proposed to me.. that's me.. the ETERNAL FIANCE!!!! bah!  but i digress..

giants vs. dodgers tonight.. it could get ugly.. i'm a little scared for my life.. at least we're in san francisco and not los angeles.. because LA folk is crazy!! especially around baseball and dodgers.. i'm wearing my giants beanie that i love and a giants jersey.. because that's how we roll in the SF.. just kidding... my gangsta comes out every now and then.. 87%, if i let it run rampant.. things could get ugly... : )

blah blah blah.. school's out.. finals are over, i still don't have my car.. and i miss my friends from abilene.. i DO NOT miss abilene.. just the people i left behind.. it's so hard going from seeing people everyday to not seeing them at all.. that's what sucks the most.. bah! 

i hope the giants do good.. and i hope JT Snow plays.. he wears baseball pants the way they're supposed to be worn.. at the knees.. FREAKIN' SEXY!!!!!  gggrrr-freakin-ooowwwllll...

ok i'm done.