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Gigantes Vs. Dodgers!!

[mood: | mellow right now.. soon to be.. excited ]

whoo hoo for casey's grandma getting 4 tickets to the giants game tonight... yay for me, cause casey asked me to go.  believe it or not.. and i love giving him shit for this.. in the ALMOST 5 years we've been together.. he has NEVER once taken me to a major league baseball game.. sure we've gone to game together.. much like this occasion.. where the tickets are given to him.. but he's never planned a date around us going to a game... but he has brought me to the piers which i always love.. it'll always have a special place in my heart, because that's where he proposed to me.. that's me.. the ETERNAL FIANCE!!!! bah!  but i digress..

giants vs. dodgers tonight.. it could get ugly.. i'm a little scared for my life.. at least we're in san francisco and not los angeles.. because LA folk is crazy!! especially around baseball and dodgers.. i'm wearing my giants beanie that i love and a giants jersey.. because that's how we roll in the SF.. just kidding... my gangsta comes out every now and then.. 87%, if i let it run rampant.. things could get ugly... : )

blah blah blah.. school's out.. finals are over, i still don't have my car.. and i miss my friends from abilene.. i DO NOT miss abilene.. just the people i left behind.. it's so hard going from seeing people everyday to not seeing them at all.. that's what sucks the most.. bah! 

i hope the giants do good.. and i hope JT Snow plays.. he wears baseball pants the way they're supposed to be worn.. at the knees.. FREAKIN' SEXY!!!!!  gggrrr-freakin-ooowwwllll...

ok i'm done.  

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