Valerie (kcsgirly77) wrote,

fab friend

[mood:  loved ]

it's insane how the internet can connect two people like it has with me and lindsey.. we've only been talking for like 4 months.. and the only reason we became friends is because of gilmore girls.  had it not been for that.. we'd still be strangers.. she sent me a birthday present in the mail.. i won't tell you what's inside.. it'll ruin our insiders.. but.. damn it.. i love this girl!! by the way lindsey, [[and i know casey reads this..]] thanks for showing up casey on the birthday present.. hahahahaha.. i only get one card from casey.. lindsey gave me 12!!!  ( : P )

so... i don't know.. i just wanted to drop an LJ and let lindsey know how much she means to me, and to thank her soo much for the present.. because it's great and means so much to me.. i'm definitely working on my story.. and that's all.. i love ya girl.. we've never met before.. and i feel as connected with you as i do with casey and jd.. it's amazing.. i love ya girl..


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