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I was tagged by Mellie like 5 days ago.. so..

List your Six Current Favorite Songs:

1. The Prayer - Charlotte Church and Josh Groban (this is going to be my wedding song)
2. Mona Lisa - Grant Lee Buffalo
3. You and Me - Lifehouse
4. Addicted - Kelly Clarkson
5. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

Everyone I'd want to tag has already done the thingy, or almost NEVER updates.. so I'll pass..

so.. on to the fun stuff... so, since i've been back in california, it has been wonderful, and someone that has made it that was is casey.  and this is going to sound very very strange,  but i am inordinately obsessed with casey's hair.  tomorrow he's getting a hair cut, and i'm feeling pretty sad about it.  now i know, it's not going to change him, because he'll still be the same guy that i fell in love with and everything.. but his hair... in the five years we've been together.. he's never grown his hair out for about 7 months.. usually it's just 1 month.. 2 at the most and then he'll get it buzzed again.. i'll post a picture of how he looks after the hair cut.. but right now.. his hair looks like this.. , (hopefully, it linked it.. click on the pic)and i love it!! he's got the great wave to it.. and it's got the wings.. and plus with his facial hair, it makes him irresistible to me.. hee..  sorry for the casey rant again.. i love him so much..

anyway.. i need to find a job.. and i can't do that, because i don't have a car.. i had my car shipped to california from texas, and when i get it.. FINALLY might i add, the freakin' car has a water pump problem or something.. i should have just left him in texas, and gotten a new car here.. a jetta.. i love jettas.. they're so cute.. i have an affinity towards volkswagons.. oh well.. nothing important.. because i'm pretty boring..

casey i'll miss your hair.. you said you'd grow it out again in a few years.. i'm totally holding you to that.. maybe sometime around our wedding?? ; )

and lindsey.. my friend.. i hope you feel better soon.. it's no fun being sick.. the first step to recovery is acceptance.. : )


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