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Lindsey isn't a skank anymore.. but i have been awake for 5 hours already.. and right now it's only 10 am.. who does that?!?!  i'm about to crash in a second.. so tired..

i'm pissed off still about a softball game i had on wednesday and it sucked.. we gave them 5 runs through out the game, and ended losing the game by one run.. and i played shitty..

but after the game.. there was a bunch of samoan guys watching the game because their game was before ours.. and after our game.. casey and i were changing into our regular shoes.. and one of the guys comes up and introduces himself and says i played good and asked if i'd played before.. and i said yeah.. and then casey chimes in with.. "NCAA division 2, all american 3rd baseman for a university in texas" and i blush and the guy has this look on his face like.. "No shit?!" and i was like.. i played for abilene christian university, in texas.. and he was like.. "alright.. well... you did a good tonight.."  he was kind of drunk.. flattering though.. and that's all...

Happy lindsey?!

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