Valerie (kcsgirly77) wrote,

[mood:  nostalgic and contemplative  ]

looking through my photobucket today.. and i saw some pictures of casey in then that i took at the beginning of september.. and they just reminded me of how special and meaningful something can be to you..

as an avid ghostbuster fan and he's proud to admit it.. as am i.. closet-ed anyway.. heh.. casey ordered slime from someone on the internet.. three cans of slime, two of which were in perfect condition and unopened.. which excited casey to no end.. i'd never seen him in such a state of understated adorableness.. just the way that his eyes were gleaming with excitement and child like innocence.. it's amazing that as slow as it may seem.. we have grown up so so fast.. and i don't even know why i'm typing out an entry for this.. but i just needed to type it out somewhere.. and i'm feeling bad for littering lindsey's inbox with incoherent seemingly drug induced emails.. the equal that i put in my iced tea was all the uppers i had okay?!?! hahah.. so anyways.. just wanted to share my thoughts on growing up so quickly and not even realizing it until you take a step back and look at where you are in life.. it'll blow your mind...

casey baby.. look at how cute this boy is..

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