Valerie (kcsgirly77) wrote,

[Mood: unsure]

so after an episode like that last night, i thought i'd update.. holy cow!

first of all, glad the girls are finally back together.. it's about damn time! it took them wayyy too long to reconcile.

chris can go away witl his tens of millions of dollars. or if he MUST stay.. take care of rory.. lorelai doesn't need your damn help! she's got luke.. what else is there? stop trying to cause trouble you sea slug! phew!

there should be a LJ cut here.. but i can't figure the damn thing out right now.. so.. stop reading if you haven't seen the episode.. there.. you've been warned..

i'm still torn about what this kid is going to do for LL.. i mean, at the end of the episode, it wasn't like he was reluctant to tell her, although i'm sure he was, but he didn't get a chance to. what with lorelai, blowing in and rushing to get food and then rushing back out.. it left luke with his head spinning, like it wasn't already with this april nonsense.

and it wasn't like i was completely sf.. i was told by a friend of mine about a month ago.. and i shouldn't have let her tell me.. but it's a good thing she did, then i had a chance to get warm to the idea.. and it still leaves an icky taste in my mouth.. i just hope that lorelai realizes that luke had no control over it. but luke being a stand up guy, i'm hoping he doesn't get all freakin' insecure like he did tonight and bolt with the kid.. i'd probably jump off a cliff.. considering how the freakin' cliffhanger of last season's finale left me needing to get drunk.. this kid thing will probably be worse. there probably isn't enough alcohol in california to help me get over whatever asp will throw at us for the finale of this season.. man oh man.. i need to go lie back down.
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