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so.. two days back, and things are going good.. i spent most of the day just lounging around the house with casey and my mom and sister..

sad to announce.. the wedding date has been moved back from may 2006 to probably july 2007.. which sucks, but i guess is better for the long run.. we need to save up the money and get all the preparations planned and stuff.. plus casey and i still have to do those communion classes and confirmation classes for catholics that want to get married by a priest or in a church.. it's important to my mom and me and casey said he would do it because of that.. he's a great guy..

i won't say that i'm upset about moving the wedding date.. because obviously it could be worse.. we could have called the whole wedding off.... then where would i be.. i'd feel like lorelai in say something.. so things have just been pushed back.. and i guess we're both okay with it.. i've just got a lot of people to inform about the date change is all.. gah!!!  i'm okay now..

i'm sad we have to wait to start a family.. because that's what i want more than anything... we'll see...   
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so.. i should be packing, i feel like i'm not going to get everything done  by tuesday.  i hate that feeling.  i hate feeling rushed and stressed and out of control.  my flight is at 5 40 in the morning, which means that i probably won't sleep at all monday night just to finish up packing.  i hate that feeling.  and since i'm leaving a lot of my stuff with my friend who is driving back to california after summer school, i won't get most of my stuff until early july.. so i have to sort those things out.. on which ones i might need sooner rather than later.. bah! 

so.. two days later.. and i'm still in shock and trying to process exactly what just happened in the final scene of gilmore girls.  i love that she asked him, and what man in their right mind would turn down a proposal from lorelai.. hah.. or the woman portraying her in the show for that matter. 

this entry really had no point.. but really.. do any of my entries really ever have a point.. usually not.

casey babe!! i'm coming home soon!! i can't wait to see you!!

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softball and my life

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i am obsessed with the movie The Phantom Of The Opera!! it is great! i love it so much!!!

casey, i love you so much, and i'll be home by next tuesday, if you can hang in there for just another week, i'll be with you forever after that.  and i can't begin to thank you enough for all the support and love that you have shown and given me.  i've said it before, i don't know of another guy that would somewhat put his life on hold to let his girl finish out another part of her life in another part of the country.  and all i can say is thank you over and over again, but it would never be enough.  you are my everything.  i'll be home soon, forever.  i love you.


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Because i'm in a fun mood i guess..

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
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Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
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posted these, because i know casey might like it! right babe!?!


Name / Username:

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From Go-Quiz.com

because this one is freakin' hilarious.. it's saying i'm a cold blooded killa! what! you wanna go? huh? huh? just wanted to let you know who you're marrying babe!!! hahahaahah

Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
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Chantiel, our coach, got the call today during practice!! it's the first time for our softball team in the 7 or 8 years it's been in action to make it to the regional tournament.  and the good thing is.. we've beat each team that's going to be at the tournament except for one, and we haven't played them yet.  so, we've got high hopes, and we're really excited to get down to san antonio and show them all what ACU can do, because we are always underestimated.  so.. that makes me happy!!!

I stole this from Maddy's LJ - btw.. thanks girl! a little embarrassed that i didn't ask first..

Your Inner Gangsta by crash_and_burn
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i'm a gangsta! what! hahahaha

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I am done!!

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blah!  finals were over on thursday.. i haven't been very active, i've slept a lot to try and catch up on the all nighters that i had to take in order to bomb all of my finals.. which i feel oh well about.  anyways, a lot of people have been asking for me to continue my JJ fanfic.. and i've got some good ideas (i hope) about where to take it.. if you have any ideas.. hit me up.. i'm always open. 

lindsey and i are a great team.  she always helps me with everything, and we talk about pretty much everything.  she's helped me so much in writing this story and even just being there for me to talk to her.  i love her.. i swear fanforum brings together people in the best way.  it's hard to believe we've only really been talking to each other for about 3 months-ish... we're a good team.

today is graduation for a few of my friends, also my two roommates.. i gotta say, i feel kind of stupid not finishing out my degree and not graduating from college here in texas.  i'm sure it will be exponentially more expensive trying to finish school in california rather than texas.. but now that softball is almost over, there's really nothing here for me.  although i will miss my friends sooo much.. especially JD.  she's been the best friend i could ask for here in texas.  and i'm sure that we'll be friends for a really long time. 

there's two episodes left of gilmore girls.. what the hell am i going to do during the summer.  i have to get a job when i get home.  i was thinking of working for my mom.. she works at a hotel near the airport and she's always doing banquets and parties and stuff, and i sooo want to be her assistant.  i think it would be good for me, because i need to work on being more comfortable with people i don't know.. i've grown up around her job, she was the assistant before she became manager, and now she's in charge of everything.  haha.. in a way, it totally reminds me of Lorelai working at the Independence, we haven't really seen her do that many events at the Dragonfly, but in Kill Me Now, i was watching it, and i was like "That's MY MOM!! that's what she does!!!"  i'm easily entertained..

and i just looked at the clock, and the graduation ceremony starts in 40 minutes and i haven't started getting ready yet.. whoops..

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2 down!!!! 2 to go!!!

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mood is crazy because i'm going on 2 1/2 hours of sleep!! yay for finals week! BLAH!  yeah right!!! only good thing is that it means that this semester is coming to an end.. and that is excellent because it has kicked my ass!  i don't know what my grades are, but i'm thinking not my greatest.. soo.. anyhoo..

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